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12 in 1 Multi Tool Pen

As anyone who can use Google knows, it was obscure English novelist and dramatist Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-73) who first coined the phrase “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”. We’re not quite sure what he meant by that, but he was probably thinking of something very similar to the marvellous 12-in-1 Multi Pen Tool at the time. Probably.

In addition to its most obvious function as a svelte, stainless steel ballpoint pen, the 12-in-1 cunningly contains another 11 useful tools (do the ‘math’) within its sleekly segmented and knicely knurled body – truly this is the Rolls Royce of the Swiss Army Knife of pens!* If you know what we mean…

But what are these tools, we hear you ask? Patience, please, we are about to tell you. You get the following: a hole puncher; a stainless steel file; a short cutting blade; a flat screwdriver; a wire sleeve remover/small nail remover; an ear pick; a long cutting blade; a tweezer; a Philips screwdriver; a stainless steel fork and a saw. Wow! It’s like it has come from the future, or something.

Okay, so we admit it doesn’t also feature a James Bond style explosive projectile firing function, but that is still a pretty impressive list, we hope you will agree. How many times have you found yourself without an ear pick (for example) when you really need one?

We said “HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU…” Oh, never mind. Trust us, you need to have a 12-in-1 Multi Tool Pen – it’s so much more than just a stylish stylus. You might not need it today, or tomorrow, but one day soon you’ll wish you had one handy.

* Not actually endorsed by Rolls Royce. Or Victorinox. Or the Swiss Army.


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