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Accentuate, a beautifully simple and hilarious card game. Just take a classic quote from a Quotation Card and read it in the accent printed on the Accent Card selected. Your team mates then have 30 seconds to stare at you blankly, laugh hysterically, ridicule you and then (regardless of how awful your accent is) try to guess it correctly.

Each Accent Card has a points value of 1 to 5 depending on its perceived level of difficulty – “easier” dialects like Irish are worth 1 whereas more challenging accents like Egyptian will score you the full 5. First team to reach 12 points wins!

The trick is to convey the essence of the accent to your team mates, without giving any verbal or visual clues. It won’t take long for you to realise that your perfect Australian accent isn’t quite so convincing without adding the words “mate,” “skip” or “crikey!” to every sentence. Or that your Russian accent centres around clichéd vodka anecdotes. Or that it’s physically impossible to speak in an Italian accent without making lively and passionate hand-gestures.

Looking to amp the fun? You can now nab yourself a Film Quote Expansion Pack, where each card features notable accented movie quotes. None of this “I don’t do accents” nonsense. Play this comical card game and prepare for an onslaught of painful parodies, preposterous voices and seriously dubious imitations.


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