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A handheld game devoid of circuitry, sound effects and flashing lights? Shocking, we know. But despite its low tech spec, Addictaball is the most unputdownable puzzley thing we’ve ever seen.

The concept is simple, as players must twist, turn and tilt this funky transparent orb in order to guide a little metal ball through the crazy three-dimensional maze of platforms, holes and spirals suspended within.

Maze 2 – Small: 13cm diameter
It sounds simple but you’ll be hopelessly hooked after just one go, and if big balls aren’t your thing, fear not – there’s also a smaller travel version featuring an equally annoying but subtly different maze.

If all this sounds like a load of oblique spheroids, that’s because it is. But it takes serious hand-eye co-ordination to lead your mini-metal ball to freedom through Addictaball’s handily numbered maze (138 sections for the large, 100 sections for the small).

If its popularity here at Firebox HQ is anything to go by, this innocuous ball of fun is going to be the sleeper smash of the season. Like the song (almost) says, ‘Some balls are held for charity and some for fancy dress, but when they’re held for puzzling they’re the balls that I like best.’!


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