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Afterburner Bluetooth® Portable Speaker

It used to be that if you wanted a party with great music, you had to hire a DJ. The DJ would drive up in a windowless van that was hand-stenciled with his company name and phone number. (The kerning was awful, but you weren’t hiring him for his design skills.) He’d unpack all sorts of equipment, most notably a set of giant speakers. After setting everything up, he’d flip through his library of CDs and hand-select songs that you told him explicitly not to play, like the Electric Slide or the Chicken Dance.

The Afterburner Portable Speaker is over 2 feet long and weighs 18 pounds. It’s portable – for folks who enjoy having a jet engine strapped to their side blasting mega-bass. Otherwise we recommend you keep it desk-bound.
But now you can have total control of your party playlist using just your phone and the Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This powerful, 38/20W sound system features wireless Bluetooth® connectivity but also offers a standard audio input jack. It has a built-in battery with charging indicator, or you can plug in Afterburner’s power cord and rock out as long as you want. And if your tunes need a little something extra, you can also plug in a microphone and guitar, both of which have separate level controls. Basically, it’s the perfect solution for parties, tailgating, or any other place you need great sound!

Product Specifications
Afterburner Bluetooth® “Portable” Speaker
Pairs with your Bluetooth® device
Wireless Range: Up to 40 ft.
Has NFC technology
Output Wattage: 20W RMS (battery) or 38W RMS (AC adapter)
Inputs: Standard (3.5mm) audio, P-127J inputs for guitar and vocal performance, and power
Adjustable bass and treble levels, mic and guitar levels, and echo effect level
Only one Bluetooth device can be connected to the speaker at a time
Automatic reconnection with last device
Batteries: Internal rechargeable
Dimensions: 24.4″ wide x 9.8″ deep x 9.8″ tall
Weight: 18 lbs.
Includes speaker, AC adapter (AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz), adjustable shoulder strap, and manual


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