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Altro Smart Lock – World’s Most Secure Smart Lock

Altro Smart Lock is a Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled smart lock. Its unique design makes it Unpickable and Tamper-Proof. Security means not just feeling like all is well, but knowing it is. We have noticed that current dead-bolts are not secure enough and smart-locks are just adding convenience while they do not add to existing security. So we set out to build our own. Altro makes your Smartphone your new smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone. A perfect balance of Smart Features, Home Security & IoT (Internet of Things), it is an elegant piece of technology that is installed on the inside of the door. Rather than being an Add-on, it completely replaces the door-lock. This provides enhanced security features as Altro does not rely on vulnerable dead-bolts for security. Altro Smart lock provides a bunch of features. Most prominent of them are: Lock & Unlock from Anywhere—Remote Access, Auto Open & Lock—Automatically detects your presence, Unpickable & Tamper-Proof—Unique design, Fault Tolerant design—Operates with higher reliability, Access Sharing with Family & Friends, Integrated Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity, IoT—Connect with other Smart Home Devices, OOB Pairing & Dual Layer Encryption Secure Communication, Effortless Installation—No Alignment & Calibration issues, Up to 10 Month Battery Life, Eco Friendly Design/


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