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Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand by Satechi

The Satechi Aluminum Stand and USB 3.0 Hub provides a simple storage solution for your Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headset, or any brand of headset or headphones. Featuring a sleek design as well as three USB ports, it is more than a home for your headset.

Everything Should Have Its Place:
Here’s one for your headphones! Instead of letting your favorite headphones sit unceremoniously at your desk letting cables get tangled, the aluminum stand offers a simple and convenient place to store them.

Unique Features:
While other headset stands only offer a place to store your headphones, the Satechi Aluminum Headset Stand is equipped with x3 USB 3.0 ports, providing easy access to your USB peripherals. The included 3.5mm port also provides a convenient port to plug your headphones in.

Beautiful Design:
The Aluminum Headset Stand and USB 3.0 Hub has a sleek, sophisticated, and timeless design making it the perfect complement to any Apple computer or accessory. Offered in Space Grey, Silver, and Gold.

Please note:
The USB ports on the stand function as a USB hub only, to connect USB 3.0, 2.0, USB 1.1 devices to your computer, and is not a standalone device charger.


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