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Ambi Lock

AmbiLock its the next generation of the classic lock, of course. Your keychain’s already bulky enough (i’m looking at you Mr. huge bottle opener keychain guy), and there are already enough
passwords swirling around your noggin. AmbiLock™ doesn’t rely on either of those archaic methods. Instead, all you need is either your mobile phone OR a customizable swipe combination, and it’s unlocked and ready to go. For iPhone 5s and newer users, unlocking is at your fingertips (literally, using Touch ID*). It’s tough to lose that…unless you have, in which case much love and empathy. So, ditch the keys/memory and lower your stress level with AmbiLock™.

Unlike locks with a single method for entry, AmbiLock™ comes with an array of features. What you can do with it:

Program your own personal swipe pattern on the Ambi touchscreen. (think Android phone lock screens)

Use BlueTooth to unlock Ambi with your phone. (it links to your phone and uses iBeacon/Low power Bluetooth technology to open the lock when you’re nearby nearby)

Unlock the AmbiLock™ app using your fingerprint (for iPhone 5s+ users).

Share the lock’s electronic permissions with others. This option can be set for one-time or constant use.


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