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Aquabot Water Bottle

LUNATEC’s Aquabot Top turns water bottles into high pressure awesomeness with multiple spray patterns: shower, stream and mist. BPA free and requiring no batteries, Aquabot makes any water related chore easier and more fun, especially drinking.

3 spray settings: Shower, Stream & Mist.
Switch between STEALTH and PULSE modes for more control over your water and pressure.
BPA free and easy to drink from.
Sprays water over 25-feet.
Variable flow control trigger so you use just the right amount of water.
2 attachment points for lanyards.
Works upside down for extra convenience.
Pump it to build pressure. Battery free.
Designed to last. Aquabot can be completely disassembled for repair and cleaning.
Weighs under 5 oz.

Please note that this listing is for the top and does not include the bottle. There is another listing that includes BPA free bottles.
Aquabot fits Nalgene ON THE GO, ON THE FLY & 32-48 oz. WIDE MOUTH bottles. And fits Camelbak EDDY & CHUTE bottles.


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