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AquaBox Waterproof Protection Case

Aqua Box is a waterproof smart phone case that allows for touch screen functionality of your phone!

You now have the ability to text, email, make and take calls, listen to music over the speaker, take photos/video and use your apps while enjoying your favorite activities.

With simple flip, twist and lock access, this easy to use product provides all the PROTECTION you need for your smart phone

Aqua Box PROTECTS against water, sand, dirt, mud and snow. Additionally, Aqua Box has a hard outer shell that may PROTECT your device against unexpected impact. With a transparent silicone membrane you maintain the touch screen functionality of your phone.

With the technology savvy enthusiast in mind, Aqua Box™ was designed to allow you to take your phone in all the environments you enjoy.

WATERPROOF up to 6 meters (IPX8 Certified)

Floating capability with removable lanyard.

Extended life with replaceable silicone membrane.


1 Aqua Box Case

1 Floating Lanyard

1 Adjustable Rope Neck Lanyard

1 Instruction sheet


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