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Asus OnHub with Wave Control Feature

After the first-generation device from TP-Link, Google comes back with their first Wi-Fi Router system with Asus. The Asus OnHub has been provided with a lot of improvements and includes a new feature called Wave Control. This will allow you to adjust the Wi-Fi speed by simply waving your hand over the top of the device. The purpose is to give you the power to set the speed at specific sections of your home. So, if you need a faster internet in your study as compared to that of your kitchen, you can now set it up with a simple hand-wave. The smart antenna algorithm will select the best combination of antennas to direct Wi-Fi to your devices, based on its location and orientation. The sleek design and powerful features makes it a device worth a try. As they rightly say, it’s a new type of router with a new type of Wi-Fi indeed.


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