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August Smart Lock Now With HomeKit Support

Keeping track of who comes to your place is now possible from your Android or iOS smartphone. All you need is an August Smart Lock on your door. It gives your smartphone the power to be a smart key for your door. No more physical keys. Time to go virtual now with the August Smart Lock. With this smart home door lock, you’ll not only be able to track who comes in and out of your door but also be able to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone and give virtual keys to your guests in case you’re not at home. You can choose to grant access to your guests for a week, few hours or for months, depending on the requirements. Copying keys and creating duplicate ones will be history from here on. The August Smart Lock will auto-lock itself whenever you step out of the house and can even auto-unlock when you come near it. There is a 24/7 activity log which will help you track who enters and exits your home. And the coolest part; August Smart Lock is HomeKit enabled too! Together with the lock and the mobile app, your front door is about to be a lot smarter than you can think of.


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