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Aura Connected Alarm Clock by Withings

Enrich your experience of sleep with Aura of Withings! Withings is a firm founded in 2008, specialized in the provision of new functionalities in our daily objects by means of the Internet connectivité.Fort of the success of the first tool of linked monitoring of health, the linked scales, Withings registers in a strong tendency in which she gives a new dimension. Today, mark offers Aura: a clever product allowing to follow your sleep.A system of monitoring of moved forward sleep Withings Aura is an active system conceived specifically to notice your sleep and ameliorate quality. It alloys a sensor of sleep without contact which it is enough to slip under its mattress, an apparatus of bedhead equipped with a sound and bright implement as well as an application for iPhone / iPod. Aura loads specific programs of sleep and waking. One thought of the bright and sound programs of Withings to favour the endormissement and help you to wake up gently.A technology of illumination validated scientifically Aura leans on existent scientifically established link between length of bright waves and secretion of melaniline, the hormone responsible for cycles of sleep – wakefulness.The programs of endormissement of Aura use a narrow red ghost of light, devoid of length of waves which inhibit melaniline and prevent you from sleeping. The programs of waking, as for them, use a narrow ghost of bluish light, developing length of waves of inhibition of melaniline favourable to alertness.A homogeneous monitoring of your sleep and the environment of your room Slip the sensor of sleep under the mattress; it is so discreet that you will quickly forget it her. The Withings Aura Smart Sleep System helps to improve your sleep and wake-up experience by using a unique combination of sleep cycle analysis, along with an easy-to-use mobile app. The Sleep Sensor discreetly slips under your mattress, monitoring your personal sleep patterns and cycles throughout the night. The Bedside Device offers scientifically-validated light and sound programs to help you fall asleep smoothly and wake-up rested at just the right time in your sleep cycle. The free mobile app allows you to visualize your sleep cycles and compare nights.


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