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AuraVisor – Head Mounted Computer for Virtual Reality

The AuraVisor is the first production ready Head Mounted Computer specifically designed for virtual reality. Because it is a head mounted computer it is also wire free and does not need to be connected to a computer or require a smartphone for operation. It also means that the device has been specifically targeted to focus all of its power on virtual reality. You must have come across tons of VR devices that pair to your smartphone or computer.

AuraVisor is unique and doesn’t require any such pairing. Its on-board Android based computer allows you to break free from cables and other devices and experience virtual reality, and all it offers, without breaking the budget. From casual & pro gamers, intrepid explorers and experience junkies, AuraVisor will work as a cool VR headset for everyone. The stereoscopic vision will allow you to view any 2D movies or TV programmes in real 3D. The AuraVisor will ship with its own Bluetooth games controller and the Wi-Fi as well as the simple smart scrolling graphical user interface will let you turn on the headset, download your favorite content and immerse yourself in a magical 360-degree of entertainment. Wireless is the new cool indeed!


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