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BagSentry: Monitor Your Checked Luggage and Pets During Air Travel

BagSentry monitors luggage and pets during air travel. Know if bags were opened or dropped, or if your pet was treated harshly. When you check your luggage (or your pet and best friend), your personal belongings enter the single greatest period of risk for mishandling, theft and or damage during your trip. BagSentry is a new service for travelers who have had enough of wondering what the heck the airlines are doing to their belongings after they have checked them in.

We will provide you with:
* Detection if your bag was opened, dropped, left in the rain, cooked on the tarmac, etc.
* You can also use this with your PET that you have to check as luggage with the airlines
* Easy to use mobile app for managing your trips
* A concise PDF report to submit as your evidence to the airlines for your claim
* A powerful, rugged, re-usable sensor that is FAA / TSA compliant (not real time GPS)
* The peace of mind that you have given your luggage a voice


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