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Balloon Dog Light

A staple with children’s entertainers and 1970’s era Steve Martin – the balloon dog has been instilling excitement in young hearts for generations past. Perhaps the epitome of nostalgia, nothing compares to the glee colourful, gas filled bags twisted into animal kingdom members ignites. Sadly, many of us have been forced to leave our passion for balloon critters firmly in the past. All too often is it associated with infants. Carrying balloon animals around past the age of twelve can land you in the ‘weirdo’ category. Well thanks to the Balloon Dog Light you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

This glowing bedside companion emits a soothing reddish radiance. Give this pooch’s paw a squeeze to turn on, and prepare to thoroughly enjoy the soft, flexible silicone rubber texture this lamp is composed of. It feels just like a real balloon and is impressibly enjoyable to touch.

Guaranteed to make all other household lights look extremely boring, this squishy beacon also features an inbuilt timer, meaning you can set it up to thirty minutes and drift peacefully into mental hibernation without having to worry about fires, drained batteries and the like.

This puppy is battery powered, meaning no infuriating wires for you to worry about – and it ‘s also transportable – should you need it to illuminate your late-night toilet escapades.


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