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Basketball Fridge Magnet

A bare fridge in a kitchen seems like a real missed opportunity. Sometimes when you?re waiting for those pizza rolls to be done, you have to find some way to keep yourself entertained. Going on the old smartphone is the easy option, right? Why not shoot some hoops? Well, look no further than this fridge magnet!
Not only is it fun, it’s practical. When you’re done tossing around the ball, the net doubles as a basket. And think about that! What better place to have a ready basket than a kitchen? You could hold your fruit, your snacks, your car keys-all at the ready at the small cost of a walk into the kitchen!

It can be used as a dry-erase board! And what better place to leave your message than on the fridge, the heart of any household? Leave a list of chores for your kids; write advice for your mom?s cooking; make a convenient shopping list within arm’s reach; or, you know, deface your own refrigerator with profanity and graffiti-it’s fun!

22 x 16 x 14.2cm
Marker pen and eraser (attached to the pen) included. Please note: use only the provided marker to write on the whiteboard.


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