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BatteryBox – External Portable MacBook Battery

Extra power for your Macbook + your gadgets
BatteryBox includes a special cable for powering Macbooks, and a USB port for charging phones, tablets, and anything else. And with 60Wh of energy, you can keep your charge up all day.

• MacBook Pro Retina 13″: up to 7.4 hours extra
• MacBook Pro Retina 15″: up to 5 hours extra
• MacBook Air 11″: up to 12 hours extra
• MacBook Air 13″: up to 13 hours extra
• iPhone 6: up to 75 hours extra
• Typical Android: up to 70 hours extra
• iPad Air 2: up to 22 hours extra
Smart battery technology that improves itself and your MacBook
Users of portable consumer electronics have just come to accept that battery life gets worse over time. But it doesn’t have to. BatteryBox is built with the first commercially-available new battery technology – BatteryOS. It lasts 3000 cycles, prolongs your MacBook battery health, and improves itself as you use it.

Maintains your MacBook battery health
BatteryBox powers your laptop rather than charging it, keeping the battery at the same charge percentage. By bypassing the MacBooks built-in battery, BatteryBox minimizes the number of cycles (and stress) on the internal battery, prolonging it’s life.

3x longer life than any other battery
The batteries in BatteryBox keep working like brand new even after many years, thanks to patent-pending BatteryOS technology – providing better performance without battery-life degradation.


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