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Beer Frost

Man has searched the world over for frosty cold beer. You know, the kind that has those little frosty ice crystals? Forget putting it in the freezer JUST TREAT YOUR ICE WITH A PACK OF BEER FROST.

Beer Frost is a combination of all-natural minerals scientifically formulated for the purpose of lowering the temperature of ice to a level of approximately minus 10 degrees. And it’s so easy to use too! Just sprinkle a pack of Beer Frost onto 20 lbs of ice and within a few minutes your ice gets even colder! Simples!

BEER FROST- Cold Beer Start to Finish
BEER FROST- Is Like Ice on Steroids
BEER FROST- Makes Beer Taste Even Better
BEER FROST- Saves You Money
BEER FROST- Makes Your Tummy Tingle
BEER FROST- Pays For Itself Because You Use Less Ice

Beer Frost is a revolutionary and environmentally safe product made with all natural minerals and when added to ice can drop temperatures by 22°F in one single minute, and even as low as -10°F in less than 3 minutes.

We, at Beer Frost understand the world’s thirst for the coldest beer and we plan to satisfy this thirst … without a cord! But, Beer Frost’s use is not only limited to beer – water, soft drinks, sports drinks and frozen alcoholic drinks are all there to be cooled by Beer Frost.


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