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Big Blu Kinderboard Kids Keyboard

Chester Creek’sTM KinderBoardTM is a large-key computer keyboard that can assist children with vision or motor-skill impairment, and is an excellent first keyboard for any child. The KinderBoardTM has big 1″ oversized keys and large, bold, easy-to-read numbers and letters. Voted “Best Pick of 2007″ by Scholastic Teacher’s Instructor Magazine, the KinderBoardTM features color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers and punctuation marks to help pre-school children learn their character sets. The KinderBoardTM also features two USB 2.0 side ports and F-keys.

The Chester Creek MyBoard Computer Keyboard has oversized keys with bold white lettering to help younger children learn to type.
Each key is color-coded to separate vowels, consonants, numbers, punctuation and function keys and aid in distinguishing between character groupings
USB connection allows for simple setup. Compatible with PCs and Macs. Choose upper- or lower-case letters.


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