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Big Blue Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Big Blue Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Like Bluetooth speakers? Prepare to fall in love with Big Blue Studio. Introducing the Big Blue Studio Wireless Speaker from Big Blue AudioTM. It uses Bluetooth technology to pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, from your smartphone and MP3 player to your laptop or tablet. It connects wirelessly with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and other devices, making it one of the most compatible wireless speakers around.

If your device has Bluetooth, then you have everything you need to stream wireless audio on our Big Blue Studio Wireless Speaker. No cords. No apps. Nothing extra to buy. Just big wireless sound, with the device you already have. That’s the simple beauty of Big Blue. In literally seconds, you can be listening to music, streaming Internet radio stations like Pandora®, and amping up your games and movies wirelessly on any Bluetooth-enabled device. Wireless audio in a flash. It’s easy to connect with the Big Blue.


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