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Boundless E1 Bluetooth Earphones

Introducing the Boundless E1
Travel light, go further. With its deep sound and elegant design, the Boundless E1 transforms the way you move.

Made to Move
The Boundless E1 is made to fit your lifestyle. The 3-button control panel makes it simple to switch tracks or change the volume, and the ear stabilizers ensure the E1s stay in-ear.

Elegant Design
Considering the switch to wireless? The Boundless E1 is an elegant solution. Simply drape the cable behind your neck, plug in the earphones, and forget they’re there. Once you’re done, slip the Boundless E1 into your pocket or bag, tangle-free.

Voice Prompts
The Boundless E1 comes equipped with helpful voice prompts. For powering on or off, or pairing to Bluetooth, a friendly voice guides you so you know what you’re doing.

Wireless Bluetooth Technology, Version 4.0
Bluetooth technology lets you take your sound anywhere, wire-free. Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled phone, computer, or TV, and take your earphones to the next room (or two) over. Wander as far as 33 feet away from the device you’re connected to without a break in listening.
Using Bluetooth version 4.0, the Boundless E1 offers faster data transfer and lower power consumption, so you can enjoy your wireless sound longer.

Near field Communication (NFC) Technology
NFC, or near field communication, is an extra feature included with your E1 to make starting up even easier. Simply tap your NFC-compatible device against the earphones’ NFC logo. You’ll be connected to the earphones within seconds.

Built-in Mic
Automatically connect to incoming calls without having to reach for your smartphone. Use your Boundless E1 with your laptop for video and conference calls.


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