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Brainlink Portable Headset

By visualizing your brainwaves in real time, you’ll now be able to meditate better every day with the Brainlink Portable Headset. This head-mounted display will give you an accurate analysis of your brainwave analysis and thus help you be pressure relieved in the long run. The device will even provide you with a number of brain training apps and games. These are more like the professional brain focus enhancement tools which are more fun to play with, especially when you’re with your friends or family. In fact, BrainLink will enable you to raise the awareness of healthy brainwave among your social networks too. Not only adults but kids can make use of this headset as well. The in-app parental control panel will make you set up game timing and schedules and thus enable your little ones to balance their time between study and rest. It’s undoubtedly a piece of health tech that will make you live a better life, each day, every day.


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