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Bublcam – Fully Spherical Camera

Capture 100% of what’s around you with Bublcam, the fully spherical camera. The four lens panels are what allow Bublcam to capture everything in the spherical range with no blind spots. Each 1.2mm f/2.0 lens has an incredible 190-degere field of vision making sure that nothing is left out. With HDR and time-lapse capability, you’ll never be short of ideas and creativity. Connecting to Wi-Fi, you can instantly view, edit, and share what you’ve captured with the Bublcam community via their mobile and web applications. As it can hold up to 32GB on microSD of your photos and videos, you can record as much as you need. Included in the box is everything you need for a full charge, a pouch for easy carrying, a lens pen for pristine images, and a mini tripod for stability.


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