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When CarVi is on duty, it’s watching for some of the key factors that can contribute to accidents and checking for ways to help your passengers feel comfortable and safe. Whenever a potential danger is imminent, it issues a warning to help you avoid the trouble. CarVi adds an extra set of “eyes” to your driving, monitoring your position in the lane and the location of the car ahead. CarVi monitors your distance from the driver in front of you. Not only will it warn you if you come too close, but it will also help you practice maintaining a safe distance if you’re prone to tailgating. There’s nothing like a smooth ride, for you and your passengers. CarVi learns your driving patterns and helps you adjust. You may not even notice certain driving habits once you get used to them. When it comes to zooming away from a start too quickly, though, you can be sure your passengers – and other drivers – take note. CarVi helps you learn to give your car just enough gas to efficiently ease into the flow of traffic.


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