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Chameleon – Modular Cellular Smartwatch

The world’s first modular, cellular smartwatch! – The Chameleon Smartwatch is LucanTech’s answer to the shortcomings of current offerings in the market that present low end choices of glorified pedometers to higher end offerings that must be tethered to your cellphone to achieve full functionality of the device. Chameleon works without pairing with a phone with built in GPS and 4G LTE; You can add extra batteries, credit card readers, and more due to its modular and customizable hardware and removable multi-color band skins ; It has capacitive touch on sides of watch, for scrolling & navigation without touching the screen. It has built in finger print reader, NFC and a unique patent pending mag-strip emulation technology, allowing you to pay anywhere credit cards are accepted; It comes with smart pairing where 4G, WiFi and GPS turns on or off based on connection availability. Pairs with phone through Bluetooth when near phone, through 4G LTE when away from phone. Complete your life and run without your phone on a massive 800mAh battery.


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