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CharSpace – Charge Apple Watch by iPhone

Advancements in technology are great and our world revolves around the use of devices. Often times, these devices come with a lot of accessories and maintenance. Each item in your purse or laptop bag requires at least a charging cable; not including charging blocks or ports. If you have a smartwatch and a phone you are carrying double to equipment. Why have all of that clutter when you can use one device for everything? Smart watches aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay and are quickly becoming a part of life for many people. But, with smart watches comes yet another cable. CharSpace is an elegant and stylish watch strap for all of your charging needs. You can charge your Smartwatches and Smartphones on the go. Features: Charge your apple watch/Samsung gear/moto 360/ pebble, directly through iPhone/iPad or Any android devices. It can also be charged by Laptops,Macbooks or any USB outlets. CharSpace acts as a data cable to sync data between mobile devices and computer. CharSpace comes with in built memory up to 128 GB, which you can store files/movies and stream on the go on your iOS and Android devices.


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