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Cleatskins – Perfect for a Soccer Or Rugby Game

Take your boots/cleats to the street and keep your edge with Cleatskins. Perfect for ensuring athletic shoe performance and cleat/stud efficiency. Know your athletic footwear will always perform its best when you need it. Before or after the game, no more stopping to change into different shoes, just pull on Cleatskins and take your cleats to the street. Feel how comfortable and easy traveling to and from the game can be! Cleatskins also provide much needed traction on hardscape, protecting against slips and falls and preventing damage to carpets and floors. Constructed of SKINTEK rubber, Cleatskins are protective, durable, slip-resistant and non-marking. Many team colors available, so you don’t have to leave team on the field. Cleatskins. A faster, smarter, easier way to get there and back!


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