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Combat Sync

Enjoy the music you love. Share it. Communicate with friends and workout buddies! All with the revolutionary Combat+ Sync Headphones. The Combat+ Sync will allow you to enjoy, share, and connect, even during the most strenuous of activities. From the daily commute, in schools, and at the office, we’re able to carry and enjoy the music we love. Yet, the shortcomings of existing personal audio products continues to prevent us from properly enjoying our music during our workouts or intense physical activities – the periods when music can benefit us the most. At Soul, we recognise the power of music in our daily lives. We use music to block out unwanted distractions. We rely on it to centre our emotions, hone our focus, and motivate us. But just like food, music is also better when shared. Music allows us to connect with others and create new shared experiences.


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