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Cool on the Go® – Hands-Free, Personal Cooling Device

Introducing Cool on the Go® – The world’s most versatile, hands-free, personal cooling device. Thanks to an innovative, hands-free, and compact design, Cool on the Go® allows you to stay cool and refreshed at work or at play. Cool on the Go® provides a continuous, steady stream of airflow for over 4 hours of portable cooling when standard air conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. Cool on the Go® is not your typical battery operated fan. Developed in South Florida in the summer of 2010 with the thought of providing a unique, versatile portable cooling system for personal use. Other manufacturers have tried however most available products consist of hand-held propeller fans that are heavy and bulky. We also can’t forget those blade-spinning battery fans and personal misting devices, which only succeed in saturating one’s clothing. All in all, none are effective for the purpose of keeping one cool when battling the elements of heat and humidity. With Cool on the Go® simply use the speed control dial to adjust airflow to your liking and now you can enjoy hot indoor and outdoor activities like never before!


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