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We are constantly surrounded by smart technology. A constant noise of incoming information that calls for your attention. Imagine yourself free from all the noise for a while and free your mind from relentless exhaustion. That`s why we bring you cPhone. See LIFE, not a screen, in its true colors. cPhone is a simple and minimalistic phone. Get rid of all social anxiety and stress. It offers you to simply make calls, and all you really need to stay in touch with friends and family. cPhone is card-sized and very easy to carry. It can work with your existing phones. You can leave the other phone at home, turn on call forward, and enjoy the day free of distractions. cPhone also supports a micro SD card to store all your favor songs, so you can enjoy the music anytime with cPhone. cPhone is designed to a slim and credit-card size, but it has a sufficient standby time to keep your life light.


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