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Death Star Mood Light

Everyone’s favourite colossal war machine has been scaled down to suit your humble abodes. Begrudgingly stripped of its planet exploding capabilities – this battleship is more about illuminating your humble abode than dishing total destruction.

A true testament to the original galactic superweapon in every way but one, this majestic sphere of destruction is – unlike the original – impeccably designed. Its resemblance is intricately on point – having a textured, tactile surface and the bumps and crevices of the Death Star are clearly defined – however it’s free of a great gaping thermal exhaust pipe. Meaning the likelihood of sabotage is minimal.

A gloriously nerdy answer to mood lighting – the Death Star Mood Light is the perfect addition to all bedside tables, desks and the like. Allow the milky hues of this weapon of mass destruction to calmingly illuminate your nighttime antics.

Powered by USB, with a 1m Micro USB cable included, the light is operated by gently pushing the surface of the Death Star itself. The light also features a transparent stand – so this mini military battle station appears to hang menacingly mid-galaxy.


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