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DeePoon VIRGLASS V2 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Deepon is a new Brand name and Logo instead of the VIRGLASS.
Experience the wonders of virtual reality. Simply connect the smartphone with the headset. Adapt 4-6 inches smart phones, iPhone Samsung HTC Sony LG
Pupillary Distance Autoadaptation. Protect your eyes!
Quick instruction
1.APP Download
1.1 Scan the QR code to get the 3D player APP.
1.2 Start the APP, then play the 3D video.
2.Equipment Directions
2.1 Open the front cover, put the mobile in it and keep the middle line of the mobile to align the middle line of the screen, then close the front cover.
TIPS: There are 2 different size silicone rubber bands, could be use according to your mobile size.The mobile screen between 4.7-5.0 inch recommended to use the large size rubber band, screen over 5.0 inch we suggest to use the small size rubber band.
Motion control
1. Choose the video Put the mobile in the equipment, shake your head from side to side to choose the video what you want.
2. Play the video The video selected will play after 5 seconds.
Wire control
1. Choose the video Press the volume button to choose the video.
2.Play the video Press the confirm button to play the video.
3 .Playback control Touch-hold the volume button to fast forward or rewind the video, and press the button to adjust volume. Press the confirm button to stop or play the video.
Bluetooth key Shift the ON/OFF button to ON to start up. Touch-hold the bluetooth key, if the blue light glitter means that the remote control is connecting with your mobile. Turn on your mobile bluetooth remote control .After successfully connecting, you can use the remote control.


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