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Ditto – Wearable for Smartphone Notifications

Ditto was created with you in mind. Its sole purpose is to notify you to the things that matter most. Think of Ditto as a pager for the 21st century. It’s an incredibly simple product; no buttons, switches, lights, cables, or charging. Our team at Simple Matters created Ditto so that you would put it on in the morning, go live your life, and stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

Controlled with a free app! Download now from the App Store, & Google Play. Fully Customizable Make Ditto yours! With countless personalization options, you’ll be sure to make Ditto work for you, instead of you work for it. Choose from a variety of different vibration patterns so you’ll know exactly who and what is notifying you.

Notifications for: Calls, Texts, Emails, Favorites, Tether, Alarms, Timers, Apps! o SnapChat o Uber o Instagram o Facebook o Facebook Messenger o WhatsApp o WeChat o Google Hangouts & soon many more!
Compatibility: iPhone: 5 or newer, running iOS 7+ Android: 4.4+ with BLE capabilities
Battery: CR1632
Product Dimensions: 1.46 inches, 0.88 inches, 0.38 inches 8 Grams


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