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DIY Star Projector

Through the ball of light projected onto the surface of the earth walls of the room. 7 could be the night sky and other stars more than stars more than 1000 galaxies appear in your living room, bedroom, study will be entirely at the night sky bright your home in show. Amazing Projector Lights is not only to the astronomical popularity of your child and enhance the capacity of science, But also to your life to create a romantic surprise.

This Romantic Projector Lamp is a new popular cosmos Star Projector lamp There will be different colorful space, find the constellation that you belong to it! This Star Projector Lights Lamp can help you put the universe back home, give you a piece of the sky changes color, without need for hard to find the field, rotating its base. Not only that, but can also regulate the seasons, so that the unique constellation of different seasons occur at home in the sky! Romantic Projector Lights is not only give your child universal Astronomical Science and enhance the capacity of good assistants hands, but also give you the couple to create a romantic surprise !the use of battery: 2x(AA) batteries (not including).


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