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DOCK for Apple Watch by Native Union

The minimalist charging dock

With its sleek form and rotating arm, DOCK showcases the beautiful design of your Apple Watch and offers maximum versatility when recharging and using your device. Combining matt graphite silicone and aircraft grade aluminium, DOCK complements both your watch and your interiors,
making it an object for the home as well as the ultimate Apple Watch accessory.

1. The perfect match for every watch
We designed our charging dock to be compatible with all Apple Watch models, sizes and strap styles. DOCK magnetically holds your watch in place, so you don’t need to worry if it’s buckled or unbuckled.

2. Adjustable angle
Whether you’re checking the time, replying to messages or using apps, DOCK’s aluminium arm rotates smoothly and securely to allow you to find your Apple Watch’s optimum angle. Combined with its sturdy weighted base, DOCK provides a versatile platform to comfortably view and navigate your Apple Watch as it recharges.

3. Choose a side
We’ve considered all the tiny details – like DOCK’s reversible design that lets you position your watch on the most convenient side of the base, for an unobstructed view and easy navigation of the watch face from your bedside or tabletop.

4. Lies down when you do
Since you’ll mostly be charging your Apple Watch at night, DOCK can be used horizontally as well as vertically, for a more natural way of viewing your device when lying down.

5. Fuss free assembly
Precision engineered without screws and made up of just two minimal components, DOCK couldn’t be easier to slot together.

6. Works with your magnetic charging cable
Simply feed your Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable into DOCK where it becomes an integrated part of the design. The charger magnetically snaps the Apple Watch onto DOCK, holding it securely in place at any angle, even when it’s unbuckled.

7. Neat cabling system
DOCK secures your charger in place, eliminating unsightly messy wires and the frustration of fumbling around for dropped cables at night.


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