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Electric DeLorean DMCEV

What are you looking at butthead?’ If you’re a fan of Back to the Future you’ll know that you’re looking at a DeLorean, quite possibly one of the most iconic vehicles of the 20th century (and quite a few other centuries for that matter). But this isn’t just any DeLorean, it’s an electric DeLorean. Great Scott!

Brought to you by the DeLorean Motor Company in association with Epic EV, the Electric DeLorean might be battery powered but its AC induction liquid-cooled electric motor packs enough oomph (260 horsepower to be precise) to make Doc Brown’s hair turn white and stand on end. Indeed with a top speed of 125mph it easily outperforms its petrol-powered predecessor. It’ll even do 0-60 in 4.9 seconds.

Sadly this jaw-droppingly cool car won’t blast you back to the future when it hits 88mph, and it doesn’t even feature a Flux Capacitor. But at least the Electric DeLorean’s full leather look interior is suitably minimalist with a built in GPS display so you can find the Twin Pines Mall. There’s also an iPhone dock so you can play Huey Lewis and the News at full volume as you cruise along the freeway. Or the Birmingham gyratory system.

With its snub-nosed stainless steel body, rear mounted engine and audacious gull wing doors, the Electric DeLorean retains all the retro-modern features of the highly sought-after original. But duh, McFly, we all know the real reason you want one is because you’ve dreamt of owning a DeLorean since you saw Marty McFly rocketing into Hill Valley back in 1985. Or was it 1955?

Talking of time, the Electric DeLorean’s battery offers a range of over 100 miles between charges (3.5 hour recharge time from empty to full) giving you more than enough time to wallop Biff Tannen, jam with Chuck Berry’s cousin and show off around town in a way no other car can compete with, irrespective of marque or price.

No, it’s not cheap but it’s a taste of things to come and an evocative slice of the past all rolled into one. Plus it’ll tide you over till Doc Brown comes up with something even better. ‘Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!’


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