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Fitbit Charge HR

For too long fitness trackers have only told you half the story; it doesn’t take a sports scientist to realise that counting the number of steps you take in a day is an over-simplified way of quantifying exercise and your health. Were you going flat out or just meandering? What if you’re using a rowing machine or doing press-ups or swinging a kettle bell?

The Fitbit Charge HR not only tracks your steps but it measures your heart rate; allowing you to monitor calorie burn, maintain your workout intensity and most importantly – you can actually see when your health is improving by analysing your all-day and resting heart rate trends.

It wirelessly syncs all of your stats to your computer and smartphone, letting you view your progress as beautifully detailed graphs and charts. Monitor your workouts, keep a monthly exercise calendar, share and compete with friends, even log your food intake with your phone’s barcode scanner.

Keeping healthy is also heavily dependant on a quality night’s rest, which is why the Fitbit Charge HR makes sure you get the optimum amount of Zs as well as having a gentle vibrating alarm function to ease you awake each morning. Bliss.

Tired of nuisance phone calls interrupting your personal best? Just like a trusty smart-watch, this clever device displays the incoming caller ID right on your wrist so that you never miss a beat.


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