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Fitkat – Ultimate Smart Band

Get motivated to move more with Fitkat, by tracking all-day activity like steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes. Fitkat is designed to help every individual develop a disciplined health routine. The Fitkat band works in tandem with the Fitkat mobile app to deliver precise measurement of your daily activity. Our App uses activity sensor data from your mobile phone to supplement data returned from the band to corroborate basic health and wellness data for a higher degree of accuracy and reporting.

Many times, when faced with personal threat, it becomes almost impossible to take the smartphone out from your pocket or handbag, unlock it, and send out an emergency message. In such situations, the Fitkat device could make all the difference in broadcasting that crucial SMS with your location data to loved ones, with a simple double click on the dedicated SOS button on the Fitkat device.

Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Get reminded when to drink water, if you have not consumed enough water for the day – these reminders can be a huge benefit to those of us who regularly turn to soda or coffee/tea for hydration over water.

Built with OLED display Fitkat device shows you the time, notifies when you receive incoming calls, emails, messages from friends. Get reminded to drink water on time or have your medicines on time if you’re on medication, and more – see them all on your wrist, discreetly and without needing to pull out your phone.

Fitkat is a simple, easy-to-use fitness tracker that changes the way you live every day by counting and calculating your every move. Fitkat motivates you to make healthy choices. Be the Change!


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