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Floating Hoverboard Display

This is a real working Hoverboard for display based on the original Mattel Replica!
It contains patented magnetic levitation technology integrated into the Hoverboard to give it a whole new air. This is a tabletop display model.

The Hoverboard display is activated by inserting the power plug into the mains. Hold the hoverboard on the top of your fingertips with the two magnet pads facing downwards. Hold it over the base and center the reflective spots above both sensors until “lock” occurs, then carefully release the front end of the board. With one hand lightly gripping the back-end. Gently let it go and the hoverboard is floating! Please note that the Hoverboard will only work above its intended base and does not work on water.

Hoverboard (Mattel Replica):
Height (average): 24 mm (1”)
Length and Width: 720mm (28”) and 200mm (8”)
Weight: 2550 gr (4.4 Lb)


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