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Fuji F43-05-BR Wristwatch – With a Conical Form

The conical form of the Fuji watch is what makes it one of a kind. It seems as if the design flows naturally from your wrist. It is indeed one of the thinnest timepieces from Normal Timepieces which appears to have volume due to its extremely tapered sides. The band attaches through slots integrated into the minimally styled case. You can also use all the available bands from the makers in order to suit your mood at any time by interchanging them. The designer bands together with the interesting watch dial makes this wristwatch a classic masterpiece. Be it for work or for a special party, you can carry it off anywhere and everywhere. It matches with all kinds of style quotients and will never let you compromise with the way you view time. After all, there’s nothing like the luxury of a wristwatch, don’t you think?


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