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Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table

Let your indoors shine with this brilliant Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table which is a true masterpiece that can save a lot of space and not look boring at the same time. Just as the name sounds, it’s a dining table which holds a pool table in disguise that can be made to use once you remove the tabletop. The table has been beautifully custom built in Belgium and comes in four wooden finishes such as Wenge (Dark Oak), Walnut, Grey Oak or Light Oak as well as your choice of Simonis 760 pool cloth. You get to enjoy the benefits of a dining table from your very own pool board itself which is a great savior of space, given the area a pool table generally covers. So, get set with a good round of pool game with a delicious dinner awaiting to be served on the same table post the game is over.


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