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G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker

You hear that cat flap go in the morning and you know that your beloved feline has (by some miracle) returned safe and sound from one of their debauched midnight adventures. Well now you can follow all the mad movements of your pets with the G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker.
Prevent that over-friendly and possessive family from feeding and conditioning your cat into loving them more than you.
Expose that lazy dog-walker who charges an extortionate amount of money for their lacklustre services.
Applaud the efforts your dog went through to catch and bring you that poor deceased crow.
Witness the harrowing path of destruction your escaped alligator has left in its wake.
And on a more serious note, get to know their hangouts so that when they do eventually run off you’ll know where they’re headed. They love you really, they know not what they do.

Robust and fully-waterproof, this miniature GPS tracker easily clips on to your pet’s collar and records its position every 5 seconds for up to 8 hours. Simply plug it into your computer via USB and amuse/horrify yourself and others with the eye-opening results. You can even view and share your pets activities using Google Maps.

The cold hard data will at last allow you to look past their dewy-eyed innocence – just who else could have run around the muddy garden and left paw prints all over your lovely clean home?


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