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Giant Door Sticker

Extra long sticky poster. Size: 30×79″ (77×200 cm) Amazing illusion for your interior – wall or door!
High quality mat peel and stick film. Comes rolled in a tube.

To install let the mural relax for a day after recept by removing from shipping tube and removing bands. CLEAN the door well and let dry. Place mural with backing still on over your door where you want it and hold in place with painters tape at top edge then place painters tape across middle wall to wall across mural and door to secure location. Recheck alignment at top and bottom edges. Adjust if necessary. Peel back top few inches of backing and place sticker to door gently. Burnish from center left and from center right at top few inches. ( burnish is gently rub sticker with edge of credit card on slight angle) then remove temp. Blue painter tape, reach behind mural and pull down from center the backing while simotaniously burnishing the front side to door in the center all the way down. Once backing is off gi back up to the top and burnish from center left and center right slowly working your way down the mural. Thus will keep wrinkles and air bubbles out. If you get a bubble work it to the edge slowly or you can use a pin to let the air out but it will leave a slight mark and maybe wrinkle. Mine had none. Use an exacto knife to cut out door knob hole and trim edges. Viola…so realistc and amazing!

You can remove the stickers easily from any surface.


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