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GoBe Calorie Counting Smartwatch

HEALBE GoBe offers an entirely new way to monitor your daily activity with unparalleled accuracy conveniently from your wrist. Track everything from your caloric intake, fluid levels, managing stress and even monitor your heart rate during exercise. All of the information stored in GoBe can either be displayed on the face of the unit or in greater detail with the companion app on your computer, iPad or iPhone. GoBe uses an impedance sensor to measure the fluid moving in and out of your cells-continuously, around the clock. Healbe FLOW Technology uses an advanced algorithm to analyze impedance readings and calculate calorie intake based on your glucose curves, giving you a complete picture of your calorie and nutritional intake over time. Healbe GoBe can show your blood pressure at rest, which in turn is evaluated through the physical activity index and heart rate. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressures are not static, and undergo natural variations from one heartbeat to another as well as throughout the day. You just have to press a button to check it out. GoBe can help ensure you drink enough fluids. The body manager automatically tracks your stats and reports the results without the need to log what you eat, drink or your exercise activity. This wearable body manager is the first way to automatically track calorie intake-and it does it through your skin. Healthy sleep habits can vastly impact the quality of your life. The Healbe GoBe Body Manager’s unique patented algorithm was developed alongside a group of somnologists after analyzing a huge selection of polysomnographies (sleep study). This algorithm pairs accelerometer data with your breathing rate and heart rate, which both significantly increase during REM.


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