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Goji Smart Lock

Secure your home, from your phone.
Goji’s Mobile App enables you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.
The Goji Smart Lock takes pictures of visitors at your door and automatically sends real-time picture alerts to your mobile phone. All lock activity is recorded and logged by the system, and can be easily reviewed using the Goji mobile app.
Send Goji access to anyone, even for a specific date and time. Easily and securely send access to your home to anyone with a supported smartphone.
With Goji, you’ll never be locked out of your home. We have customer service representatives available to help you unlock your home remotely in case something happens to your phone.
The Goji Smart Lock for the Home is compatible with most wood and metal doors that use deadbolts.
Goji does not require a connection to your home WiFi to validate your keys. In a power or network failure, your Goji will continue to lock and unlock the door as normal, but it will not send you any updates until the system comes back online. If the Goji is offline for two hours, you will receive a text message letting you know your network is down.
Available in three finishes-Silver, Gold, and Copper.


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    Technology is not for technology’s sake. It is about Return on Investment. It seems that IoT is picking up steam…..but at what cost? Every other day I read about hackers. Placing access to my home on the Internet is a hacker waiting to happen. I unlock my front door’s deadbolt from 80 feet away as I am pulling into my driveway with an encrypted key fob……similar to the way I lock/unlock my automobile and my garage door.