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HP 3D Capture Stage

The 3D Capture Stage was designed specifically for Sprout by HP to make the 3D scanning process even better. The motorized turntable eliminates the need to manually turn objects, which makes scans faster and more consistent.
It connects automatically with Sprout’s 3D Capture app to create an even simpler way to produce high-quality scans.
3D scanning, simplified. Place an object on the 3D Capture stage. Hit scan. Watch it work. The turntable connects to Sprout’s 3D Capture app to automate a full 360-degree scan, so you can go grab a cup of coffee and your scan will be waiting for you when you get back.
Great results the first time, every time. Together with Sprout, the 3D Capture stage helps you produce consistently amazing scans. Your object is automatically rotated and captured in just the right position.
Capture every detail. With 3D Capture stage you’re covered from all angles. The turntable was designed to maximize surface area coverage by automatically tilting 15-degrees as it rotates, making sure all aspects of your project are captured beautifully.
Product features
360-degree rotation with a 15-degree tilt for maximum scan coverage.
Scan objects up to 4.4 lb (2 kg) and up to 7.5 in (190 mm) tall
Compatibility and System requirements
Sprout only
Available USB port
Windows 8
Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 1.59″
Width: 8.08″
Depth: 10″


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