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HP Life Cam 4K Camera Kit

lc100w is light and wearable. Easily mounts to record and share daily lifestyles everywhere. Specially designed for low intensity and general activities, such as jogging, cycling…etc. With 4K resolution, it presents you images, time lapse recording, you can make 3 minutes to 30 minutes video recording (according to your setting). The WiFi capability allows live previewing and instantly sharing to your social media sites. Offers multiple accessories such as, bike mount, clip mount, waterproof case for various uses. The built-in WiFi capability allows you to connect to your mobile sevices for real-time live video preview. Also download to your mobile devices for instant sharing to your social media sites. People are curious with the process of constructions, the life cycle of a flower or weather events. With the lc100w you can make a film that you have never tried before with 4K time lapse recording. The lc100w records video clips of 3, 5, 10 or 30 minute lengths (customer selectable) to the installed micro SDHC memory card. The standard loop recording technology prevents storage overload by erasing the oldest previously recorded file and replacing it with the new one. The small size of the lc100w makes it perfect for memorizing every moment. It frees your hands and eyes for more precious moments rather than staring at a little screen. The small sized lc100w is equipped with an 8MP CMOS sensor to capture spectacular images. If you like to ride a bike and remember the landscape of the city, country side, you’ll be amazed at how the lc100w captures the vivid colors with crystal clear resolution.


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