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HTC Chaperone VR Safety Mechanism

Keep your VR experience virtual by avoiding bumps and bruises with the HTC Chaperone VR Safety Mechanism. Designed to work with the HTC Vive VR headset, Chaperone makes sure you have a user-friendly virtual reality experience by avoiding furniture while your senses are otherwise occupied. Using advanced technology, Chaperone activates with a double tap on the menu button of the controller and gives you an overlay map of the objects that are around you in the real world. Without disrupting your experience, you can move freely and knowingly around your furniture. It can also be active teed if you get too close to an object, such as a wall, letting you avoid it. The front facing camera and mura correction technology make this all possible. With such advances, Chaperone can be used for loads more virtual reality features in the future.


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