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HydroWood 7 Vichy Shower System

In addition to the quality and safety features normally incorporated into a Hydroco product, the Hydrowood 7 Vichy System incorporates a unique table handcrafted from exotic wood.
The Arcacia Cedar used to craft this table is reclaimed and is not cut for use! Collected from the rainforests of Northern Australia, this 100 year old wood is dried and then carved to the shape of a mangrove leaf, then appropriately treated and sealed for wet room use.
This integrated system combines the rainbar, all controls, and wet treatment table into one sleek unit. Stainless steel rainbar swings to either side for ease of entry/exit and water temperature adjustment. 7 showerheads have individual on/off and water flow adjustment. Precision thermostatic mixing valve with anti-scald protection is located on the handcrafted rainforest timber control panel. Slope floor in entire room minimum 1/4″ per foot towards drain(s).


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