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iGlo Pulse Light Up Earbuds

The iGlō Pulse: Light Up Earbuds are the world’s first earbuds that pulsate to the beat of your music using fiber optic technology!
Just plug it into your phone or MP3 player, press the sync button and watch the bright luminescent lights glow to pulsating music!

What if someone calls you while you’re listening? All you have to do is press the button on the headphones to switch to the built-in microphone and answer the call! And as soon as you’re done, just press the button again to get back to your music. It’s that easy!

And with over a 3+ hour rechargeable battery life, you can glow and dance all night long! Don’t feel like going out? Bring the rave to you! Just plug in your light up earbuds, turn off the lights and go crazy! Wear the iGlō Pulse: Light Up Earbuds when running or riding your bike and cars will spot you from a mile away. Make night running safer and more fun!


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